We have written on these disasters.  The facts are necessary but not sufficient to enact change, unfortunately.   These events were not natural, but created out of an industry-wide focus on profits over honest business practices.   The Kochs refer to their practice of deceit as "The Koch Method," but these tactics are standard for the oil industry.  

Here, we provide lists of further information and show the similarity between the incidents and the lack of maintenance on oil company infrastructure and the evasive tactics used to avoid accountability.  

These actions have been systemic and cooperative across the entire industry.  There must be an accounting.  Download Eco-Emergency Alert from Google Play and visit Local Action.

List of Earlier Spills 


     Porter Ranch
     Refugio Spill

Gulf Spill - Deep Horizons 
       Health Issues
       Our site on the Spill
           Articles from the site
                BP ARMAGEDDON – NOT! Debunking Hysteria
     Oklahoma City 
               Essential Information 
                   Before 2009 and After 2009
                   Wiki - 2009–16 Oklahoma earthquake swarms

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