Dr. Mike Robichaux

The facts about the impact of toxic chemicals on life and the environment are loud and clear.  Watch these videos, which leave no doubt about what happens to people. 

Dr. Robichaux knew little about petroleum poisoning when he first confronted the same symptoms in the wake of the BP Gulf Disaster.  Other medical specialists in this area have provided us with more information.  Read the 51 page study, titled Gulf Spill Chemical Hazards, compiled by Science Corp. for more information.


Toxic oil spills impact human health / Dr. Mike Robichaux 

Published on Feb 18, 2015
Hard-working Americans who call the Gulf home say they suffered additional health issues following the BP Oil Spill. Ed Schultz and Dr. Mike Robichaux discuss the impact of toxic spills on human health.  MORE
THE ED SHOW - 5:54 PM 2/17/2015

Dr. Robichaux: How has the area changed since the BP oil spill? Negative impacts?

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